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The Local Take talks ELEVATE Atlanta with Camille Love, Zachary Todd and Jessica Blinkhorn

This week on WCLK's The Local Take(Saturdays 8am), I reached out to Camille Love, the Executive Director of Cultural Affairs for the City of Atlanta, about the ELEVATE Atlanta Arts Festival, taking place from September 10th - October 30th. 

Love explains that the festival that usually lasts 10 - 11 days in a specific neighborhood, but this year has expanded to 30 days, taking place in eight communities. Each weekend from now until October 30th, local artists will entertain and amaze.

She said this was due to the limited programming in 2020.  This year much of the programming will be in parks so that participants can safely enjoy the works. Over 70 artist are bringing their work to the community via ELEVATE Atlanta. 

Zachary Todd is a mixed media artist with a background in dance. Todd shares that he began dancing as a student at 17.  He explains that there was always an interest in film. During the shutdown, he began experimenting with mixed media concepts that incorporated movement. Todd says dance will always be a component of his art.

He encourages other creatives to be passionate and to do what your heart desires. His performance is taking place on October 29th

Credit NEA
Jessica Blinkhorn

Jessica Blinkhorn from Marietta is creating the first-ever mural on disability. She explains that even with a disability, she is here to thrive, not just survive. Her interactive work includes her $21,000.00 accessory wheelchair, which is attached to her body. She speaks about the public gaze that makes her life a spectacle. With her art, she changes the spectacle into the spectacular.  Jessica shares that she advocates for herself and others.

She currently receives only 9 hours of medical support each day. She is fighting to receive a minimum of 14 hours. There is no rhyme or reason for the amount of support provided to her and others in her situation. Blinkhorn explains that she is heartbroken when other disabled citizens are afraid to advocate for themselves.

Jessica’s installation will start on October 21st and run through October 24th.

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