The Local Take: Senegalese Entrepreneur Fatima Ba

Nov 23, 2019

Fatima Ba fashion designer from Senegal. Her brand is So' Fatoo
  One in our series of interviews with the 2019 Clark Atlanta University School of Business Young African Leadership Initiative - Mandela Fellows. This highly competitive program, which began under the Obama Administration in 2009 brings the brightest young leaders from across the continent for an eight week intensive study program around entrepreneurship at Clark Atlanta University.  Fatima Ba from Senegal West Africa is a fashion designer. Her label So Fatoo can be found on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. She shares her feeling abouth the YALI program and the great opportunity that exist for every participant. I ask her about Senegal is and she mentions the word "taranga" which means place of great hospitality. She explains that Senegal welcomes the world. She spoke about their food and mentioned that her country has the jollof rice on the continent.

For more information on So Fatoo InstagramTwitter and Facebook.