The Local Take: Stennis Center Southern Women In Public Service Conference 2019

Mar 5, 2019

Women leaders from 14 Southern states will convene in Asheville, North Carolina Mar. 31 to Apr. 2, 2019 to learn, build relationships, and renew commitment to making government better, stronger, and more responsive to citizens at every level.

Last Saturday morning at 8am on WCLK's The Local Take I talked with Jennifer Gregory from the Stennis Center for Public Service about the Southern Women in Public Service 2019 Conference.  I ask Gregory about the Stennis Center for Public Service and how it came into being. She speaks about John C. Stennis a representative  from Mississippi who served in the Senate for over 40 years. 

The Stennis Center promotes public service via programming that includes "Congress to Campus" that visits college campuses with former members of congress to speak with students about public service and holding political office.  

Additionally the Stennis Center host a Southern Women in Public Service Conference every year for women who serve as political and community leaders, work with and for non-profit organiztions, work in government agencies, and are interested in public service.  

I ask Gregory why the Southern women focus and she explains that the southern region has the lowest number of women in public service and has the highest needs. She goes on to explain that women from 14 Southern states have commonalities and the conference brings them together to focus on solutions. 

This is a bi-partisan conference and I ask Gregory how they keep they peace. She mentions the conference is policy neutral and they strive even in this environment to be inclusive. 

The Stennis Center for Public Service will be hosting Southern Women in Public Service: ComingTogether to Lead leadership conference March 31-April 2, 2019 in Asheville, North Carolina, at therenowned Omni Grove Park Inn.   The first Southern Women in Public Service conference took place in 1991 and since that time the Stennis Center has developed a reputation for supporting the advancement of women in public service leadership.  This annual conference has become the most significant bipartisan gathering of women political leaders from across the South. The conference aims to build a stronger America through tapping more extensively into the reservoir of talent, energy, intellect and courage that women bring to council tables where important decisions are made. 

For more information on the Southern Women in Public Service Conference