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ACA Enrollment Deadline Is Saturday January 15--Kiplyn Talks About It With Administrator For The Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services Chiquita Brooks-LaSure

Chiquita Brooks LaSure, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
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Chiquita Brooks LaSure, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

At the end of -December, I had an opportunity to speak with the new National Administrator for the Center for Medicare Services. Chiquita Brooks LaSure is the first Black woman to lead the organization. She was in Atlanta promoting the record enrollment so far in the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Funds from the American Rescue Plan allow many citizens to obtain health insurance for $10 a month. At that time, in December 2021, over 13 million Americans had secured health insurance. The deadline to enroll is Saturday, December 15th.

From a health perspective, I asked her what health looks like in our nation for 2022.

She shares that we’ve learned quite a bit about the COVID19 virus, and we will continue to learn. She mentions the three “Ms” Medicare, Medicaid, and Marketplace coverage.

I ask about the Pandemic moving to be a challenge mainly among the unvaccinated. Brooks-Lasure speaks about having people talk with their providers or their neighbors. Hearing that you are vaccinated will allow other people to consider vaccination.

I asked Brooks-Lasure if she could choose one thing for people to concentrate on this year: what would it be? She wants people to start going to the doctor regularly for annual check-ups. She explains that it is essential to pay attention to our health. Make the appointment, and don’t be afraid of bad news.

I ask her about health disparities that persist. Your zip code still says more about your health outcome than your DNA in our country. I ask about the responsibility of our healthcare system to provide optimal healthcare to our community. She wants to create an environment where people with lived experiences work throughout our healthcare system.

I Ms. Brooks-Lasure what her goals are in running the Center for Medicare Services. She mentions again that she wants to make sure that people have access to coverage. The ACA enrollment deadline is Saturday, January 15th.

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