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Generation Z: Their Thoughts and Dreams - Mackenzie Lewis a Junior at Spelman College

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Rob Maynard
Mackenzie Lewis speaks with Kiplyn Primus about her future hopes and thoughts on our current challenges.

This week we speak with members of Generation Z, who are part of our community. Generation Z is individuals born in the 1990s through the early 2010s. These young adults have come of age as digital sophisticates. Social media is their go-to for friends and news. They consider themselves global citizens who believe in societal and climate change. Self-care is more important than possessions, and they define themselves beyond the simple norms of race, sexuality, and ethnicity.

Mackenzie Lewis is a junior political science-pre law major at Spelman College.

Lewis explains that her choice to attend an HBCU was a family choice. Her mother attended Clark Atlanta University, and while she considered schools closer to her home, she wanted to go away to school. Spelman College met her needs.

I asked Lewis her thoughts on our current time, and she spoke about the “perpetual cycle of complacency from adults.” She emphasizes that every generation has to keep pushing for change by building on results from the past. She thinks her generation is more knowledgeable than older people realize. They are more politically active and use their voice for change. She speaks about their access to information and social media.

Lewis says she is looking forward to the future. She speaks about attending law school.