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Gen Z - Caylin Carter UNCF Scholar Talks About Her Future

Caylin Carter, a UNCF Scholar, talks about Generation Z. She shares her hopes and dreams for the future and the challenges she thinks her generation will face.

The Local Take is talking to members of Generation Z community members about their lives and our times. Generation Z is individuals born in the 1990s through the early 2010s. These young adults have come of age as digital sophisticates. Social media is their go-to for friends and news. They consider themselves global citizens who believe in societal and climate change. Self-care is more important than possessions, and they define themselves beyond the simple norms of race, sexuality, and ethnicity. This week we’re speaking with Caylin Carter, a senior at Clark Atlanta University who is also a recipient of a UNCF Scholarship. Caylin received a Georgia Youth Leadership Award and an Atlanta Business Chronicle 20 under 20 member.

I asked Caylin what she looks forward to when she thinks about her future. She speaks about having something to offer and doing something that she loves. She isn’t interested in working in retail or fast food and doesn’t understand how some people work at the same job in the same place for decades.

When asked about challenges, she speaks about missing out on “vital basics” due to the COVID-19 Pandemic shutdown. Their college experience was truncated, and many traditional social activities didn’t exist. Caylin also feels that her generation will handle many differently than previous generations. They are making their own rules.

Caylin is a campus manager for several brands including Samsung and Amazon. She has multiple streams of income as a campus influencer. A 9-5 job is not a goal for her or many of her generation.

When asked about being a recipient of a UNCF scholarship, Caylin speaks about it being a great honor. She didn’t know how she would afford to attend college. She also speaks about working with other students to assist them in obtaining scholarships.

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