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GEN Z - CAU Mass Media Arts Student Freddie Coleman Shares His Generation's Angst

Freddie Coleman and Kiplyn Primus.jpg
Kiplyn Primus speaks to Freddie Coleman, a member of Generation Z and a student at the Clark Atlanta University School of Communications

The Local Take continues our conversation with members of Generation Z here in our community. Members of Generation Z were born in the 1990s through the early 2010s. They have come of age as digital natives having the internet in their hands for most of their lives. They survived the COVID Pandemic with its many restrictions. While they don’t feel limited by sex, gender, religion, or race, they feel anxious and are not afraid of expressing their feelings about their mental health. This week we’re speaking with Freddie Coleman about the challenges and hopes he sees in his future.

I asked Freddie Coleman about his generation's challenges, and he spoke about social media's huge impact. He also shares that his generation needs to separate reality from some of the social media they consume. He understands that some social media is a different form of entertainment. He hopes to own his own photography studio in the future.

He shares that his generation will handle things better because they are more understanding and accepting. His cohort is empathetic, and they are optimistic about the future.

Freddie Coleman also says that when considering his college career Clark Atlanta University was the right choice for him. While there are many reasons, he says that all around you are 5000 role models, all seeking excellence.