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Find Your Balance in the New Year with Dr. Daniel Black

MacMillan Publishing
Dr. Daniel Black is an author, scholar and professor of African-American studies at Clark Atlanta University. He shares his thoughts on intentions and fighting for the destiny we deserve.

As we focus on the new year, many people look to finish the year “strong,” pushing to meet goals and projects. A new attitude of finishing the year “soft” with self-care and a slowdown has also become popular. My goal is to enter the new year with balance. Physical balance allows you to carry a heavy load. Mental balance allows you to put down heavy loads. Dr. Daniel Black is an author, scholar, and professor of African-American studies at Clark Atlanta University. He led a ministry on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic and joined us to speak about balance.

I asked Dr. Black about his social media following, and he mentioned that, like most people, he thought the shutdown would be for a few weeks. He hosted a gathering weekly with a loyal following.

It isn't easy to begin a new year without reflection, and I mention the African concept of Sankofa looking back to move forward. Dr. Black speaks about using discipline in your thought. You cannot elevate your thoughts if you don’t feed your brain with good energy. You decide what you take in, which determines what you put out. He tells us there is balance in Sankofa and that “tomorrow will be yesterday in just a moment.”

Many people journal or use vision boards to set their intentions for the new year. I ask Dr. Black what he recommends. He says there are two things.

1-Have a friend who will hold you accountable

2-Speak to the Ancestors

He sees the setting of intentions as a fight for your destiny. Black also speaks about the wisdom and grace of the ancestors that can carry you forward.

Dr. Black shares his passion for his alma mater and speaks about his opportunity to study abroad at Oxford University. His last book, “Don’t Cry For Me," was released earlier this year and has been chosen by the Stephen Curry Book Club. Dr. Black also hosts a Spiritual Podcast, “Fodder for the Soul.”

You can reach out to Dr. Black via email here