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The Year Behind and The Year Ahead with the Atlanta Objective Founder George Chidi

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Kiplyn Primus
Downtown Atlanta captured from Atlantic Station, our city expects over 80,000 new residents in 2023.

Happy New Year, Good People! New beginnings make it difficult to be cynical. Sometimes that’s a Monday morning, the start of a quarter, season, or day. Many people take the time for reflection, set intentions, and express gratitude.

For our first show of 2023, I reached out to George Chidi, founder of the Atlanta Objective, to talk about the last year, from crime to politics, and what he thinks the new year holds.

I begin with politics. In Georgia, after the passage of restrictive voting rules, the senatorial run-off in Georgia again attracted national attention and funding. Even with restrictive voting rules, the turnout was historical in the November election and the run-off. Some say this means the law isn’t restrictive, but people did stand in line for hours in some places. And people with mobility issues are significantly impacted by the lack of access to drop boxes. I asked Chidi what voting would look like in the future. He explains that there probably will not be additional challenges to voting rights. He goes on to share the GOP won the statehouse and governorship by going against the extremism in their party.

Many have predicted that Governor Kemp will do more of what he wants in this administration, his last as governor. I ask Chidi what this really means. He speaks to Kemp as a business conservative from the Johnny Isakson wing of the GOP. Kemp is also looking to the 2024 Presidential race, which means being more moderate than his peers. Chidi mentions that much of this will depend on who takes the seat left by Speaker David Ralston, who had the power to keep some of the more radical ideas at bay.

January brought new laws to our state and the “no permit” carry law has gone into effect. Although gun crime is horrendous, crime across our country is down. Chidi says there has been a slight increase in the homicide rate. Unfortunately, because so many people now have guns, almost any offense, no matter how slight might be met with gunfire.

I asked Chidi about any disruptors that might be on the horizon. He states that Donald Trump will be indicted. Unemployment will rise due to the coming recession. The recession may be different from others, but it is coming. The ongoing revolt against politicians abroad will continue as people demand their rights. He also speaks about 80,000 people who move to Atlanta annually and if this will continue.

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