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Community Engagement

The Local Take: September 21 Skin In The Game Film Screening Highlights Human Trafficking


This week on The WCLK's The Local Take(Saturdays 8am) I speak with Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson (DeKalb County-District 7) about the upcoming screening of the dramatic film Skin In The Game. She speaks about the other sponsors for this special event-- Africa's Children's Fund (ACF), and Hollywood Director Adisa-- who created this movie to educate viewers about human trafficking. 

Comissioner Cochran-Johnson explains how she came to be involved emphasizing that the presentation of this information is important because the movie shares the process that traps young girls into the underground world of sex trafficking. We acknowledge that young boys and men are also lured into this illegal activity but Skin In The Game focuses on young girls.  

She encourages families to attend, explaining that parents should bring their children. Parents will learn about code words that are used by traffickers in social media or text messages. Teens will learn how traffickers trap them. 

Additionally, Cochran-Johnson encourages all concerned members of the community from preachers to teachers to attend this screening to learn about the real dangers that exist in our communities. 

Skin in The Game is being screened on Saturday, September 21st at 4pm -7pm at Porter Sanford III Performing Arts & Community Center - 3183 Rainbow Drive - Decatur, GA 30034

Comissioner Cochran-Johnson mentions a recent article where Atlanta-area hotels are being sued by women who were trafficked at their locations.  You can read that article here

Register to attend the screening here

For more information about Africa's Children's Fund

For more information on Commissioner Lorraine Cochran- Johnson.  You can email her here