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Pursuit of Happyness Author Chris Gardner Talks With Kiplyn Primus About Permission To Dream

This week on WCLK's The Local Take(Saturdays 8am), we hear from author Chris Gardner about his new book Permission to Dream. Gardner wrote about his early life in the New York Times bestseller The Pursuit of Happyness, which became a hit movie starring Will Smith. He joins WCLK's The Local Take for an entertaining and compelling conversation about dreams. The Permission to Dream was a fast read chocked full of great advice and written in a way that anyone should be able to appreciate and understand, from cab drivers to an adolescent.  I asked Gardner if this is what he set out to do with the book and he explains that the book came from a day spent with his granddaughter.  He imagined that if this was his last conversation with her, what would he want her to know.

Gardner and his granddaughter speak about the difference between a wish and a dream.  He also wrote about "dreaming yourself out of trouble." He talks about these concepts and how they apply to life.

I ask him about the book's title and ask if he thinks we all need Permission to Dream?  

Gardner also speaks to The Power of One concept and how that is the way forward. When we understand simply that one person can truly make a difference, it changes our thought processes.

He also speaks to life and dreams not being linear.  Gardner launched his financial services business on "Black Monday," October 10, 1987. He talks about that day and being on the trading floor as the markets crashed. He explains that he had to make a hard pivot to not give up on his dream.  The pivot allowed him to grow his firm successfully.

Throughout his book, Gardner speaks about his conversations with Dr. Maya Angelou.  I ask him how their relationship began and why he sought her out.  He also explains hers was a voice of humanity that was needed in the world.  I asked Gardner to speak about a chapter in his book titled Rep, Rap, and Rolodex. He shares that Rep is your Reputation, Rap your ability to communicate, and Rolodex is your network.

He is known as the CEO of Happyness, and he also explains that we should never focus on what is missing.  For more information on Chris Gardner

For more information on Permission To Dream

Kiplyn Primus hosts The Local Take With Kiplyn Primus, heard Saturday mornings at 7a on WCLK. She also works with local businesses and organizations interested in paid underwriting schedules on Atlanta's Jazz Public Radio Station.