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The Local Take: 21st Century Voting Rights Conversation With Dr. William H. Boone

This week on WCLK's The Local Take(Saturdays 8am), we're continuing our conversation about the voter suppression bill SB202 that recently became law in our state. Over 47 states are considering Republican-driven voter suppression laws in response to the overwhelming turnout during the 2020 election cycle. Instead of rejoicing at the civic engagement on both sides, the Republican representatives in our state have said out loud that suppressing the vote is the only way they can win. Dr. William Boone, former head of the CAU Political Science department, is joining our conversation  to add some context and perspective.  

While voter suppression is as American as apple pie and mass shootings, I ask Dr. Boone if the Georgia bill went too far. Everyone is up in arms about the part of the bill prohibiting providing water to voters standing in line, but the bill also calls for an appointed board that can overturn any county's votes. Dr. Boone speaks about the criteria that are used in making new laws. Is the law inclusive or burdensome?

I ask if the Georgia law is now enforceable in our next statewide elections. He shares that while lawsuits have been filed, no injunctions have been put in place, so it is the law. Citizens should continue to protest and write to their legislators. 

When I ask him about business leaders becoming involved in politics, he speaks to them always being involved, but voting rights are a novel concern. Boone says that voting rights are the foundation of a strong democracy. 

While politicians and media analysts ask what side will business support, I ask Dr. Boone if they've already chosen. He speaks about business in politics as a double-edged sword. He says CEOs are accountable to shareholders, but also customers and employees. When we look at corporate messaging, which has become very inclusive in the last few years, Boone mentions that corporate marketing is responding to the push for diversity in race and gender. 


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