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Community Engagement

The Local Take: Craig Robinson From The Leadership Now Project


This week on The Local Take(Saturday 8am), we're continuing our conversation about business leaders who are coming together against voter suppression laws in our state and nation. Craig Robinson is an experienced chief executive, division president, and board director for global commercial real estate, outsourcing, and tech-enabled service companies. Robinson has led business units within both large global public companies and private mid-cap growth businesses. He is one of the corporate leaders motivated to support voting rights and serves on the board of The Leadership Now Project

I ask Robinson if he can tell us why this is the time for business to be involved in civic engagement.  He speaks about growing up in "The City too Busy to Hate," and the role business leaders played behind the scenes throughout the Civil Rights Movement.

He shares that behind closed doors, business leaders are concerned. They recognize we are at an inflection point and that voting rights are critical to the foundation of our democracy. He mentions Georgia is just the tip of the iceberg, with over 300 voter suppression bills under consideration in 47 states.

Black Voters Matters Galvanized Voters in the 2020 Election Cycle.

When asked if business can move our culture in a way that other leaders cannot, Robinson explains that business leaders have a "unique and powerful way" to reframe an issue, he also shares that recent research has shown an increase in trust in business that is greater than trust in media or government. Robinson says that it is outdated to think that business leaders should only focus on shareholder value. Business also has a responsibility to employees, customers, clients, and their community.

He asks that our listeners keep up with the Leadership Now Project on social media. He invites listeners to reach out to corporate leaders about their donations, investments in states with voter suppression laws, and to keep up the fight.

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