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The Local Take Talks Mental Health And COVID-19 With Kim Jones Executive Director of NAMI-Georgia

This week on WCLK's The Local Take(Saturdays 8am), I reached out to Kim Jones, Executive Director for National Alliance on Mental Illness-Georgia, NAMI-Georgia, to talk about mental health during the Pandemic that we hope is coming to an end. As things continue to open, it is a strange landscape. The lockdown being lifted causes anxiety.  To mask or not to mask is still unsettled. Being back to somewhat normal after a year of lockdown can be exhilarating and can also bring on sensory overload.

I ask Kim Jones to share her thoughts on the mental health of our community during these still unprecedented times. She speaks about the challenges of living through a year of isolation.

After driving to my office for the first time in over a year, my heart was in my throat. I asked Jones how long before what were regular activities stop bringing on that anxious feeling. She speaks about the new or changing normal and how our routines and patterns are re-established over time.

NAMI Walk - October 9, 2021

I ask about the challenges many face in accessing mental health professionals. She shares that Georgia is 50th in the nation for citizens' ability to access mental health professionals. She speaks to mental health as a daily challenge for most humans, but when those challenges interfere with your life or relationships, it might be time to seek out a therapist.  She emphasizes the need to seek out assistance before finding yourself in a crisis.

If anyone needs assistance, they can reach out to NAMI-Georgia directly to learn about resources available in your community.

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