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The Local Take - CONVERSATIONS Traveling While Black on October 6th 7:30PM


This week on WCLK's The Local Take(Saturdays 8:30am), we continue our conversation about Traveling While Black, an immersive exhibition for Georgia Tech Arts at the Ferst Center. The Local Take is joining Upfront with Ray Cornelius to host a community conversation about this exhibition on October 6th from 7:30 - 8:30 at the Ferst Center.  

DWB or Driving While Black is part of our modern lexicon that most of us know and use. I asked Ray what he knew about the Green Books and when he learned about the guide. He spoke about the 2011 Theatrical Outfit performance of a play entitled The Green Book. It was produced in the location of the former downtown restaurant Herren’s. Herren’s was the first fine dining restaurant in Atlanta to open to diners of all races.  

Ray Cornelius and Kiplyn Primus host of Upfront and The Local Take respectively will moderate a community Conversation Traveling While Black


Ray shares that his family drove the back roads of Ocala, Florida, at his mother’s direction, growing up. She kept them off the main streets to avoid trouble. This was his family’s way that Ray never questioned. His mother let them know the places they should be extra careful and not go over the speed limit.


The upcoming community conversation was essential to Ray, and I asked why he insisted we meet to discuss the Traveling While Black exhibition. He shares the impetus that made the upcoming event essential. Ray also shares that the immersion part of the exhibition many people may not expect. 


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For more information on the community CONVERSATION Traveling While Black