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The Local Take Talks Super Tuesday Conference from the Atlanta Business League


This week on The Local Take(Saturday 8am), we’re talking with the Atlanta Business League about their 37th Annual Super Tuesday conference and 25th Annual Women of Vision Breakfast. Two of the women essential to bringing this event to life virtually are Naima Judge from Bank of America and Liz Wagner, an entrepreneur known as The Hotel Lady. We begin our conversation with Naima Judge.


While finance has been and is still considered the purview of the old boy’s club, I ask Judge how she came

Naima Judge, Market Investment Executive with Bank of America will participate in The Atlanta Business League Super Tuesday Conference.

   to excel in this field. Judge explains that she was accepted into a program providing internships. She thought she’d be placed in an engineering firm but instead was placed at a private bank. She interned with this institution throughout her college career, and when she graduated, she received a permanent position. She speaks about being the “only one” in the room. Often the only woman and the only person of color. Judge says that she came to consider this a blessing. I asked Judge about private banking, and she shared how it differs from consumer banking at your local branch. Judge that Black Women business owners are the most underfunded. She explains that often it isn’t who you know. It’s who knows you. She shares that networking at events like Super Tuesday is essential. 


Liz Wagner, an entrepreneur active with the Atlanta Business League, shares that she chose her path because she wanted to leave her children and grandchildren legacy. Known as The Hotel Lady, she consults with hoteliers on making their business more efficient. She also works with entertainers, sports leagues, and almost anyone else that may need hotels for multiple stays in various places. Wagner advises other entrepreneurs to “walk in your passion” and “work in your purpose.” She speaks about hectic days and waking up the next morning, raring for more. Wagner says that for women leaders, the theme of this year’s conference should resonate “We Have The Power to Choose.”

Liz Wagner, The Hotel Lady, became an entrepreneur to leave a legacy for her children and grandchildren. She is a participant in this year's ABL Super Tuesday Conference.

  She speaks about seminars on finances, voting rights, and taking the lead. She explains that by supporting each other, we can grow our business. 



Kiplyn Primus talks with Liz Wagner on WCLK's The Local Take.



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