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The Local Take Talks with Independent Journalist George Chidi About 2021 and the Coming New Year

This week on The Local Take in answer to the question, “where can I go to find good information about what’s going on?” Independent journalist George Chidi whose work can be found in various publications and by subscription at The Atlanta Objective joins us to talk about the last year in our community and what the future holds.

I asked Chidi how he came to be a journalist. He speaks about the profession finding him when he joined the army. Journalist came before Legal Clerk, he met the requirements and an army correspondent was born. He speaks about not being able to find a niche in traditional media although he’s worked for major outlets.

Chidi produces stories with context. His work includes research, numbers, and information that even news editors would probably cut due to space limitations. When I asked him why it was important he speaks to his work holding up over time. He is writing for future readers.

We speak about the lack of participation in the local election cycle. Chidi explains the narrow margins and polarization of our state’s politics. In talking about voter suppression Chidi shares that any changes on the margins even 1% - 2% could change the outcome of an election.

Chidi also speaks about the possible indictment of Donald Trump by Fulton County. He mentions that coverage of the upcoming governor and senate races in our state will be brutal.

Our nation crossed a milestone this week with 800,000 deaths from COVID19. In metro Atlanta approximately 61% of the population is vaccinated, there are still people who are refusing to be vaccinated. Chidi speaks to the urban vs. rural disinformation campaign that is impacted much of our state. He tells the unvaccinated that “your life is worth more than politics.” 

I ask Chidi about the stories for 2022 that he’s looking forward to covering. He shares that he will be completing his coverage on crime in the city for the Atlanta Objective. For 2022 he is planning to look into the promises made by corporate entities in 2020 to address racial inequity. He will report on the results.

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