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W. Mondale Robinson Founder of The Black Male Voter Project

W Mondale Robinson (center) at a 2019 ’Brothas Be Voting’ roundtable in Atlanta credit W Mondale Robinson.jpeg
W. Mondale Robinson
The Black Male Voter Project-W. Mondale Robinson (center) at a 2019 ’Brothas Be Voting’ roundtable in Atlanta.

This week on WCLK's The Local Take(Saturdays 8am), I reached out to the Black Male Voter Project. The Black Male Voter Project is a national organization that hopes to erase the voting gap between Black men and the overall voting population. Their only focus is on increasing voter turnout for Black men. Founder W. Robinson Mondale joins us to share why he started this organization and what they want to achieve.

Mondale shares that 45% of Black men don’t vote regularly. The Black Male Voter Project began to increase their participation in all elections. Black men are often missed by traditional get out the vote efforts. Their organization is working in 17 states.

Robinson says their reach is broad and multi-faceted. They have Nightclub Ambassadors and Brothas Be Voting focus groups. They engage with men who are not interested in politics.

Mondale goes on to explain that their outreach is culturally relevant. He shares “we know that Black men are not invisible. People are continuously told that every election is life or death. It doesn’t resonate. We speak to Black men in their environments with messaging that makes sense to them."

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