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Dr. Rashad Richey-Journalist, Renaissance Man

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Dr. Rashad Richey

In our ongoing conversations highlighting independent journalists, I reached out to Dr. Rashad Richey. Richey was recently named Best Talk Radio Personality in Atlanta by AJC readers.

He leads Rolling Out, appears on national news outlets, and has a daily news show on The Young Turks platform. Recently Richey bought traditional radio media outlets to expand his reach.

I asked Richey to share how he became an independent journalist. He says he “stumbled into the role.” He requested his contract to give him complete creative control. Even today, when he provides his voice to major media outlets, he insists on being able to speak the truth.

On national platforms, Richey has a way of bringing real light to the mainstream media narratives that are often regurgitated by every network. I ask about this, and Richey shares that people follow the same narrative on many platforms. He speaks to the fact that we are not a monolithic culture and that you must be able to criticize even those leaders that you support.

Richey works with both digital and traditional media outlets. He talks about the importance of content distribution. Today consumers are empowered to select the media that they want. To monetize content delivery, you need followers. Richey has several million followers across multiple media platforms.

The Black News Network recently failed, and many blame the lack of corporate advertising support. As Richey continues to grow his media company, I ask if he has a strategy to address those concerns. He speaks about those challenges and his outreach to Congressman Hank Johnson about the current governmental law encouraging corporate dollars to support programming targeted to the Black community. Richey is working to change the law to support Black-Owned media. He also speaks about private partnerships that promote engagement beyond traditional ROI.

Richey shares that his next big thing is to complete law school. He mentioned that his second Doctorate was obtained at Clark Atlanta University. I asked him about life-long learning. Richey explains that a degree signifies you’ve learned something, read things, and research a topic. He says since he was doing the work anyway, you may as well get the degree.

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