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Stepp Stewart presents the Motown Motor City Revue A Special Treat for Mother's Day Weekend

Stepp Stewart.com
Stepp Stewart's Motown Motor City Revue a special treat for Mother's Day Weekend

This week a Local Take favorite Stepp Stewart joins us to share his Mother’s Day treat, The Motown Motor City Revue. The performances will occur at The Porter Sandford Performing Arts Center on May 5 - 8th.

Stewart shares that this event is a celebration of Motown's universal music. He speaks about the young artist in the role of a young Michael Jackson who age out every year. He always finds new talent that can hit the high notes. We share a few of our favorite songs.

The Motown Motor City Revue is a spirited performance with hit after hit. Singing along may not be encouraged but is hard to resist. Stewart speaks about everyone’s love of the songs.

I ask Stewart what’s coming up, and he talks about his homage to the music of disco, which will premiere later this year.

For more information and tickets about Stepp Stewart’s Motown Motor City Revue