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In Support Of National HIV Testing Day ERC Offers Confidential Free Testing on June 23rd at Woodruff Park

The Empowerment Resource Center provides confidential, free, rapid testing for HIV. National HIV Testing Day is June 27th.
The Empowerment Resource Center provides confidential, free, rapid testing for HIV. Their Event is Thursday, June 23rd at Woodruff Park. National HIV Testing Day is June 27th.

The Empowerment Resource Center has been concerned about an epidemic in our community that came well before COVID19. While HIV is no longer a death sentence, it would be a wonderful thing if our community could stop the spread of HIV with safe sex. This can be done with condoms or Prep. We’ve come a long way, but it seems like we still have a long way to go. Throughout the PANDEMIC record, numbers of people continued to test positive for HIV. Jacqueline Brown, the CEO for the Empowerment Resource Center, also known as ERC, joins us this morning. The ERC will host their Know Your Status event at Woodruff Park on Thursday, June 23rd. This is all in support of National HIV Testing Day,which takes place on June 27th. I think it is essential that on or around June 27th, you learn your HIV status before starting a summer romance.

I ask Brown about their plans to support National HIV Testing Day. She speaks to their event taking place at Woodruff Park on Thursday, June 23rd from 10AM - 5PM. They will provide rapid test with counseling on hand no matter what your status.

Brown shares that the $1M question is why we haven’t been able to stop the spread of HIV in our community from college campuses to senior centers African Americans test positive more than any other ethnic group. She shares that they launched ERC On The Move with an outreach team dedicated to increasing awareness. They are available for churches, schools or any group looking to educated their community.

I asked Brown about their resources for testing. Many people don’t want their insurance company or primary care physician to know that they need the test. She explains that ERC provides confidential testing in a comfortable environment and they always have counselors on hand no matter what the result. You can call 404-526-1145 to make an appointment or email them with any questions or concerns.

Brown shares that we need to be inquisitive about the children and seniors in our sphere. Numbers have increased greatly in the senior community and young people are testing positive at early ages.

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