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Black Girl In Love With Herself from Trey Anthony comes to Atlanta on August 25th

Trey Anthony and Kiplyn Primus in 2016 at the Storycorps Atlanta Booth
Jada Harris for Storycorps
Trey Anthony and Kiplyn Primus in 2016 at the Storycorps Atlanta Booth

Trey Anthony, a best-selling author and playwright, is known as the Oprah Winfrey of Canada. She has shared her authentic self in her comedy and plays. These personal stories have touched women regardless of race, size, or economic status. After surviving these last few years in a Pandemic, Anthony brings fresh insight into our lives' setbacks, trauma, and drama. Her new book and tour are titled Black Girl in Love Herself - A Guide to Self-Love, Healing, and Creating the Life, You Truly Deserve. Her tour stops in Atlanta on August 25th at the Riverside EpiCenter in Austell, GA.

Her very personal book speaks about looking back to move forward, encapsulating the African word Sankofa. I asked Anthony what that experience was like for her. She speaks about asking the question, “How is this my life?” but then asking herself, “How did I contribute to this becoming my life?” She talks about growing up and being a people pleaser.

Anthony talks about “really” getting out of survival mode and that most of us don’t have the luxury, resources, or time to do so. When she hit rock bottom, Anthony explains that she didn’t have a choice. She had to look at the trauma she experienced in the past to truly move forward. In her book, Anthony emphasizes that we all need a safe place or person where we can break down if needed.

Most of us consider it a success if we fall down and get back up. Anthony is encouraging us to build reflective time into our lives. Not to keep moving forward but to stop for a moment and know that we are worthy of another chance. To be intentional about our mental and physical health. Her book tells how she managed the “inner-talk” that can harm our self-esteem.

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