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30 Runs in 30 Days Celebrates 10 YEARS of Creating Healthy Habits

Joshua Pressley founder of 30 Runs in 30 Days celebrates 10 years of creating healthy habits with his online community
30 Runs in 30 Days Facebook Group
Joshua Pressley founder of 30 Runs in 30 Days celebrates 10 years of creating healthy habits with his online community

A new year will start in a few weeks, and everyone will start talking about resolutions and developing new habits. Exercise trends come and go. Aerobics, Step Aerobics, PELETON, Spinning, Boot Camps, everything you can think of comes and goes. Walking and running may be passe, but it works. All you need is pair of comfortable shoes, and you’re good to go. Most of you know I’m a walker and aim for 2 miles daily. That 2-mile goal comes from participating in 30 Runs for 30 Days, a non-profit group that meets quarterly online. The group holds each other accountable and has participants from across the globe. Joshua Pressley is the founder, and he’s here to speak with us about their 10th anniversary and the upcoming October challenge. Josh Pressley, welcome back to The Local Take.

Pressley speaks about the milestone 10th Anniversary of this online group. He shares that the group has evolved with participants from all over the world.

I started with this group when a high school classmate Scheree Rawles, an Atlanta PR professional, invited me. I initially thought it was just a few of her girlfriends. Then I learned that hundreds of people were participating from around the world.

I ask Pressley about the folks who use the challenge for their personal goals. Many are planning weddings, class reunions, or marathon training. He shares that he has met some of the far flung participants in his travels. The August 2022 Challenge just ended, and over the years, the group has donated close to $10K to various charities. Pressley speaks about some of the chosen charities that support participants facing medical challenges.

My favorite part about the challenge is the quarterly start dates. I get ready a few weeks before the challenge starts and continue many days after the challenge finishes. Just when I’m becoming complacent, the next challenge starts. There are not many days that I don’t walk 2 miles.

Pressley emphasizes that this is why he started the challenge so people could begin a new sustainable habit. Pressley had plans to expand the challenge with in-person walks when COVID19 hit. Those plans though postponed, are still in place.

The next challenge starts in October 2022. The challenges take place in February, May, August, and October.

Click here - To Join the October 30 Runs N 30 Days Challenge

For more information, you can contact Joshua Pressley via email at 30Runs@gmail.com.