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The Flu Season is Here! Get Your Flu Shot To Support Our Community Health

DeKalb Board of Health Flu Shot.jpg
DeKalb Board of Health
The Dekalb Board of Health Community Health Centers offers flu shots for those who need them. Everyone should get a flu shot this year to help our overall community health.

Health experts are cautious about entering the flu season post COVI19. After almost two years of wearing masks and self-distancing, some health professionals expect the flu to resume this season with a vengeance. I contacted the DeKalb Board of Health to ask some questions and get suggestions for avoiding the flu. Eric Nickens, the Public Information Officer for the DeKalb Board of Health, joins me with advice and locations for flu shots in our community.

I ask if there are actual dates for flu season. Nickens explains that flu season runs from September - April or May. The length and mortality rates often depend on the flu strand and the vaccine's efficacy.

Some folks get the flu shot. Some never get the flu shot. Nickens explains that the young and those over 65 should always get the flu shot. Nickens shares that immune-compromised folks should also ensure they get the flu shot. To avoid the flu, wash your hands frequently, and you may want to wear a mask.

One reason for the concern is the rise of RSV among children and the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. I asked Nickens if we needed to get both the booster and the flu shot or if one would suffice. Nickens shares that we have to get both. The new COVID-19 booster is specifically formulated for the current strands.

Nickens further explains that by vaccinating, we protect the community by allowing hospital rooms to remain open for heart attack or car wreck victims. While COVID-19 boosters are available to those who don't have insurance, I ask Nickens about flu shots for the uninsured. Through grants and other funding, flu shots are available at the DeKalb County Board of Health Community Health Centers.

For more information, you can contact the DeKalb Board of Health at 404-294-3700