Saturday morning at 8:00 on WCLK's The Local Take I talked with PNC Bank Building Living Legacies Honoree Egbert Perry of the Integral Group. 

I asked him how he became an entrepreneur  and he mentions "hustle" he also explains what is meant by community development. 

During the economic downtown of 2008 Perry served on the board and as chairman of the board for the GSE Fannie Mae. He provides us with a complete understanding of how the downturn impacted the agency. He also explains why the demise of Fannie Mae would have had global implications.  

Saturday morning at 8am on WCLK's The Local Take I spoke with Mitch Brown the Executive Director for Resources for Residents and Communities (RRC).  The organization began in the Reynoldstown community and has grown to become a resource for many communities. 

I ask Mr. Brown about the classes that they offer. He shares that they offer classes year round and that the course being offered between now and May include a Homebuyer Education and Home Purchase Renovation Loan.  

This week on The Local Take I speak with Rev. Dr. Ralph Watkins of Wheat Street Baptist Church about their upcoming celebration of 150 years as a community institution.  Watkins provides us with the history of the church, including a look at their most celebrated leader, Reverend Dr.

This week on WCLK's The Local Take I spoke with community activists Derik Rinehart and Renaldo Porter Moore about the history behind the Porter Road Community and their campaign to get DeKalb County to preserve the historical significance and graveyard that is part of of their legacy. 

Real life besties—Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal—are confronting gentrification, racism, police brutality and classism in the new film Blindspotting. It opens in theaters nationwide this summer on July 27.