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Energy, Climate Change, Sustainability - What Can We Do?

Marietta Street Atlanta January 29, 2014
Susan Ross the Photogriot
Garry Harris founder of The Center for Sustainable Communities brings a wealth of knowledge to address the challenges of Energy, Climate Change, and Sustainability. He calls for all of us to make small changes that will make a big impact.

This week on WCLK's The Local Take(Saturday 8am) I'm speaking about climate change and sustainability with Garry Harris, founder of the Center for Sustainable Communities. In June in Atlanta, there were 13 days with temperatures over 90 degrees. An Orange Day alert meant people with asthma or allergies would have a bad day. Humans create a lot of waste, from disposable clothing to food. Harris, an engineer specializing in energy concerns, now focuses on sustainable solutions.

I ask Harris how an engineer specializing in the field of energy came to start the Center for Sustainable Communities. He speaks about communities, housing, roads, cooling, and heating. He says it all comes down to science. He shares that the most underserved communities have the highest levels of pollution.

Harris shares that there is a connection between erratic weather patterns and living sustainably. He speaks about eating less meat and taking more walks. He shares that when Snowmaggedon(photo above) shut down Atlanta, he approached our nation's leaders with the concept of a Weather Ready Nation For All. The National Weather Service has since created a strategic plan to help vulnerable communities prepare and survive weather challenges.

Harris also speaks about human-centered actions that negatively impact society. From our choices in transportation to what we eat for dinner. Conserving energy should be an everyday thing. We should no longer leave electronics on when we leave a room. Don't run the air conditioner with the doors or windows open.

Harris encourages us to restore the land and air for our economy, health, and wellness.

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