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Haven 4 Hope provides housing to mothers and their children one safe space at a time

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Haven 4 Hope provides safe housing for homeless mothers and their children. The non-profit began in 2014 to help single mothers who need a place to regroup, exhale and pivot.

This week we’re talking with Tawana Allen, founder of Haven 4 Hope, a non-profit organization that works with homeless mothers and their children. We ask our listeners to share information about community organizations making a difference, and we are happy to spotlight this organization that came to our attention from a listener. Ms. Allen began this organization in 2014 and provides job training, counseling, and parenting classes for those in need. They partner with other organizations to further assist their clients. In the last few years, she began purchasing homes after not being able to find safe housing for her clients. The houses become a place where mothers and children catch their breath and pivot to a brighter future.

I asked Allen how she came to start her non-profit, Haven 4 Hope. She speaks about being homeless with children is a big challenge to face. It is impossible to think about counseling, job training, or parenting when you don’t have a safe place to live. Allen was continuously challenged to find housing with other outreach agencies for her mothers with children. She explains there was “no next step” after leaving homeless shelters.

The solution, she began buying dilapidated houses and fixing them up as safe places for mothers with children. Her organization has filled in the gap that exists for homeless mothers. She shares that Haven 4 Hope “acts as a bridge,” giving families a place to exhale.

When asked what we can do to help with her mission, she shares that they always look for partners and volunteers. Contributions of time, tools, or money are appreciated.

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