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This week on WCLK's The Local Take(Saturdays 8am), we're talking art and legacy with artist Steve Allen. Allen is part of a Multimillion-dollar HBCU Gifting Initiative to Demand Equity in the Business of Art. Allen was born in North Carolina. Although he didn't receive formal art training, his art is part of the founding and permanent collection at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC. He has served as the official artist for eight Olympic Games, including the 1996 Games held in Atlanta.

This week on WCLK's The Local Take(Saturdays 8am), we’re talking Who’s Who in Black Atlanta. The program honors movers and shakers in the metro area. For the last thirty years, this organization and platform highlighted Black professionals in most major markets, including Chicago, Charlotte, Dallas, and Washington, DC.  

Due to COVID19, this year’s event is closed to the general public, but the recognition and honor continue.

This week on WCLK's The Local Take(Saturdays 8am), I reached out to Camille Love, the Executive Director of Cultural Affairs for the City of Atlanta, about the ELEVATE Atlanta Arts Festival, taking place from September 10th - October 30th. 

This week on WCLK's The Local Take(Saturday 8am), I welcome back Imara Canady from the AIDS Health Foundation to talk about their upcoming AIDS Walk and Festival on September 25th at Piedmont Park. Before we discuss the AIDS Walk and Festival, can we talk about the HIV epidemic in our community?  I hoped that the lockdown would decrease the transmission of HIV, but last year the numbers were continuing to rise. We are experiencing an HIV/AIDS epidemic amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This week on The Local Take(Saturdays 8am), we're speaking with Tanjuria Willis, the CEO of eKlozet and founder of the first Sustainable Fashion Week - Atlanta. What is sustainable fashion? There was a time when people bought investment clothing, classic suits, little black dresses, coats in styles that transcend fashion. Those items could be worn today and still be considered stylish.